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Dejal Time Out supports customizable themes during breaks. The themes can be simply a link to a web site, or a custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript page. You can download updated and user-submitted themes here, or submit your own creations to share with the world via email.

Click the theme name to download:

Unsplash Drink Waterby Elanor Riley; created 2021-01-15
Remind yourself to drink water with these hydration-themed stock images from Unsplash.
Photo Slideshowby Bruno Bernardino; created 2020-07-17
Show one of 10 local photos each break. Comes with placeholder images; replace them with your own; your kids, pets, dream vacations, personal goals, or anything else.
Inspirational Quotesby Bruno Bernardino; created 2020-07-12
A random inspirational quote for each break.
Pexels Natureby Bruno Bernardino; created 2020-07-05, updated 2021-01-19
A random image of nature for each break, from the Pexels image site.
Blink Eyeby David Sinclair; created 2020-02-05
A YouTube video of a slow eye blink. Could be used as a blink reminder break.
Dejal Blogby David Sinclair; created 2019-09-23
Read the Dejal blog during your break, to see the latest news about Time Out and other Dejal apps (doesn't update very often, though).
Dejus Blogby David Sinclair; created 2019-09-23
Read David's personal blog for daily photos and comments.
Yellow Cottage Blogby David Sinclair; created 2019-09-23
Read the Yellow Cottage Homestead blog, about the chickens, ducks, feral cats, bees, and other homestead topics.
Ducks & Fishby David Sinclair; created 2019-09-22
An example of showing a fixed remote image. This one from the Yellow Cottage Homestead blog of the ducks and fish in David's pond.
Random Wordby Michelle Lim; created 2018-11-01
Displays a random word and its definition.
Away From Deskby John Braine; created 2017-09-28
A message about being away from the desk for a RSI break.
Cosmic Symbolismby Justin Hall; created 2017-09-25
Zooming into the cosmos.
Tropical Rainby Nick Kaijaks; created 2017-08-23
A fullscreen HD video of tropical rain on leaves.
Falling Leaves Textby David Sinclair; created 2017-05-01
A combination of the built-in "Falling Leaves" and "Text" themes, so you can have customizable text over the falling leaves.
GiphyStretchby Sean Carey; created 2016-12-15
Displays stretching GIFs.
GiphyPuppiesby Sean Carey; created 2016-12-15
Displays puppy GIFs.
Think Differentby Victor Sannier; created 2016-10-31
For Apple fans, shows the Apple logo and old "Think Different" slogan.
Musclesby saltymouse; created 2016-10-29; updated 2017-04-24
Shows a random exercise (from a list set in the HTML) with reps to do during break time.
Testby David Sinclair; created 2016-09-29
A theme to help create custom themes. Displays the JSON output of the window.webkit.messageHandlers.getTimeOutInfo.postMessage('summary'), getTimeOutConfig.postMessage(''), and getTimeOutState.postMessage('') messages (the latter two are available from version 2.2 onwards).
Dejus Chickensby David Sinclair; created 2016-03-06
Automatically plays videos of David's chickens from the Dejus YouTube channel.
Dejus Water Featuresby David Sinclair; created 2016-03-06
Automatically plays videos of David's pond and fish from the Dejus YouTube channel.
Apple Sample Photo Galleryby David Sinclair based on Apple sample code; created 2014-02-21
This is a sample web page project from Apple, packaged as a theme as a demo of what can be done. It isn't included in the app as it isn't the best example as a theme, but it could be modified or used as inspiration for other themes.

Script Actions

Time Out can run Automator workflows and AppleScripts when a break is started and ended as "Script Actions". Some of these are bundled with the app. You can download updated and user-submitted scripts here, or submit your own creations to share with the world via email.

Click the script name to download:

Postpone for VLCby Dmitry Bugrimenko; created 2021-07-06
Two AppleScripts (for Normal and Micro breaks) to postpone the break if VLC is playing. Set the appropriate one of these as a Break Action before the break is due.
DoOneThingby Joel Rosenthal; created 2019-12-13
Opens the DoOneThing app. Could use this as an action after a break.
Add to Calendarby David Sinclair; created 2019-10-16
These two AppleScripts work as a pair to track breaks in the Calendar app. Add a break action set to "After Start" with the "Add to Calendar Start" script, and it will add an event at the start of a break. Also add another action set to "After Any End" with the "Add to Calendar End" script, and it will update that event with the time the break ends. By default the scripts use the first calendar, but you can edit them to use a different one.
Wake Mac After 5 Minutes

Wake Mac After 10 Minutes
by David Sinclair; created 2017-11-05
A couple of Automator workflows to wake a Mac about 5 or 10 minutes after sleeping. Note that the exact time to wake may vary. Different times can be used by making a copy of the workflow and editing the number. Useful in conjunction with the Sleep Mac script, e.g. to sleep at the start of a break, and wake around the end.
Spotify Fadeby Bruno Moreira; created 2017-02-15
These two AppleScripts adjust the volume of Spotify. One fades out the Spotify volume until it reaches 25, and the other fades in until it reaches 50. The Spotify Fade Out script action can be used "After Start" and the Spotify Fade In can be used "After Any End".
Sleep Macby David Sinclair; created 2016-06-08
This AppleScript simply puts the Mac to sleep. Useful if you want it to be asleep during a break or at the end of day.
Start Screensaver
Stop Screensaver
(Older version)
by David Sinclair; created 2016-06-08; updated by Johan Kaving 2017-10-05
These AppleScripts simply activate and deactivate the screensaver. Useful if you want the screensaver on during a break.
Play 5-Minute Songsby Adam Engst; created 2016-02-29
This AppleScript pauses Spotify if it's playing, and then tells iTunes to play a random song from a playlist named "5-Minute Songs". Create a playlist with this name in iTunes; perhaps a smart playlist that finds highly rated songs of a suitable length.
Open to Pinned Tabby Mike Ramia; created 2014-09-23
This AppleScript opens Chrome to your first (left-most) tab and reloads the tab. I recommend 'pinning' your main task management webapp in Chrome (right click, 'pin tab'). This was inspired by Corey Dulecki and Pirkka Esko's scripts for native apps whereas this is for webapps (eg Trello, gTasks, etc). This script is useful either before the break is triggered (to see things to do during your break) or triggered after your break (to reassess what to work on).
Open Remindersby Corey Dulecki; created 2014-05-14
This AppleScript opens Apple's Reminders app. Useful to set as a start script to show it during a break, or and end script to get a reminder of what you need to do after the break.
Today in Thingsby Pirkka Esko; created 2012-10-10
This Automator workflow shows the Things to-do list during a break (if you set it as the start script). Requires the third-party Things Mac app. "The idea is to remind myself of the stuff I could possibly do while taking the break away from computer."
Play Movieby David Sinclair; created 2012-07-20
This Automator workflow looks in a specified folder (you'll want to edit the workflow to set the folder), and presents a list of items; you pick one then it plays in QuickTime Player. You'd want to set a very short break time, or use this as the finishing script, so the break doesn't block the picker panel. (Time Out has better ways to customize breaks, but this still might be useful.)
Speak Timeby David Sinclair; created 2011-08-31
This AppleScript simply speaks the current time; useful to keep mindful of the time; could be used when a break starts or stops.
Stretchby Erik Westra; created 2006-10-01; updated 2009-04-06
This is a Python program that runs during a Time Out break and guides the user through a simple stretching routine. Read the included readme file for instructions. (Note: Time Out includes this kind of functionality built-in, but this is a ingenious solution for version 1.) This update works in Leopard. Old version of the script is here, in case the new one doesn't work in older OS versions.
iTunes Pauseby David Sinclair; created 2006-01-30; updated 2006-02-27
This AppleScript pauses iTunes if it is currently playing, and returns its status to Time Out, to pass to the accompanying iTunes Play script. The script has been improved to not do anything if iTunes isn't running.
iTunes Playby David Sinclair; created 2006-01-30; updated 2006-02-27
This AppleScript resumes playing in iTunes if it was playing at the start of the break (as reported by the iTunes Pause script). The script has been improved to not do anything if iTunes isn't running, and to work better under macOS 10.3.9.
Adium Status Away with Messageby Nic Munroe; created 2008-09-26
This AppleScript changes the Adium IM client to have a status of Away, with a message. The message can be easily configured if you double-click on the script to launch Apple's Script Editor, change it to what you want, and save.
Adium Status Away

(Version for older Adium app)
original by Paul Tow, 2006-02-10; updated by Nic Munroe, 2008-09-26
This AppleScript changes the Adium IM client to have a status of Away; useful for the start of a break. It could be modified for other IM clients (please share if you do).
Adium Status Available

(Version for older Adium app)
original by Paul Tow, 2006-02-10; updated by Nic Munroe, 2008-09-26
This AppleScript changes the Adium IM client to have a status of Available; useful for the end of a break.